Mary Anne Nagy

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My very first memories of loving art herald back to my elementary school days and  Mrs. Gowing’s weekly art classes at the community center in Midland Michigan.  She often encouraged us to do renditions of subjects that were meaningful to us and consequently my dear albino bunny friend Dolly became the topic of many “masterpieces” as did Apache the horse and Puffy the cat.

A number of years after receiving a degree in art from the University of San Diego, my original love of doing animal inspired art resurfaced. My Pause for Animals series of bright acrylic animal paintings was born shortly before we (husband Bill, and daughters Anna Beth and Mary Lee) uprooted from the Midwest and moved to Seattle in 1996.

The paintings always begin with a well defined concept.  I pretty much “see” what I want to do before it gets translated onto paper or canvas.  I focus intently, experimenting and crafting with a strong emphasis on color and design until I’m satisfied that the piece works.  In Pause for Animals a bright sense of whimsy is often married to an aura of mystery and wonder: “Funny. Scary. Like us, not like us—who are these furry, scaled and feathered ones who also inhabit this fragile planet?”

This group of paintings is part of the ongoing dream I have to combine my delight in painting animals with my longstanding interest in issues of animal advocacy and compassion.  It is done with a prayer that we humans gain a greater love and respect for the strange, unique and wonderful found in them and work to translate that into making this a better world for all.